Bahrain Ranks 1st Arab and Gulf country in World's Giving Index

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The Kingdom of Bahrain has been ranked as the 1st Arab and Gulf country and the 13th globally in the World Giving Index in its sixth version published in November for the year 2015. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), headquartered in the United Kingdom, had measured the giving index of Bahrain among 145 countries.

This great international achievement had granted Bahrain all success under the directives of His Majesty the King, may God protect him, and his support and huge sense of humanity and compassion to all the needy in various friendly and brotherly countries.

Considering the humanitarian relations that link Bahrain with the rest of the world, the Kingdom is sparing all efforts in order to help those affected and afflicted through the Royal Charity Organization (RCO) as well as many other voluntary institutions that receive donations and direct it to those who need them.

Today, RCO with regard to the distinguish gears of achievements internally and externally, is in line with the leading organizations in charitable work and the humanitarian institutions globally.

The Giving Index assured that the giving feature among the Bahraini people indicates high sense of responsibility towards goodness and the great desire to help others, which is tremendously stated by several sub-criteria. The index showed that most Bahrainis, generally, act selflessly with others and that is according to three specific standards: donating money for needy people, helping strangers or alike or taking part in any voluntary work for any organization.  

Bahrain ranked as the 1st Arab and Gulf country and 11th globally with regard helping strangers, and 27th globally with regard generosity and donating for others, whereas the it ranked 35th globally concerning the voluntary work. This had listed the country among the most giving and generous countries in terms of providing aids to all needy over the world, and that the Bahraini people have always been supportive and caring for those who need help at least once a month.

As per the index mechanism, Bahrain is considered as a prominent country when it comes to charity works, compared to its population, followed by UAE and Norway as 14th and 15th respectively. Furthermore, each of the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and the Netherlands topped the list of ranking from second to sixth respectively.

The index reflects the huge humanitarian and supportive efforts provided by the Kingdom to the poor worldwide, as well as the initiatives to help those who suffer pain, wars, natural disasters and conflicts both within their homes and in the mid of conflicted situations or at the need of displacement outside their countries. As stated in the report, the Bahraini efforts are not limited to donations, grants and financial aids, however, it also include building hospitals, schools, equipped tents, providing food and medicine, beside the various types of the voluntary work among many others.

CAF's report builds upon the data provided in "Gallup World Poll" which raises questions on representative statistical samples of less than 15 years old, ranging 500 to 2000 persons according to the population, in order to answer questions dealing with various aspects of contemporary life, including "the conducts of giving". The poll is being undertaken in over 140 states that form about 96% of the world population (approximately 5.1 billion people). The sub-criteria are measured through collecting them from around the world in the period from 2010 until 2014.