About Community Engagement


RCO seeks to engage government and non-government sectors and individuals to ensure the success of its various projects and programs through the provision of physical, administrative and logistical support to facilitate the humanitarian tasks undertaken by RCO at the national and international levels.

Therefore, RCO's Charity Resources Development Department strives to find a variety of funding sources and invest them in the services provided for families registered with RCO. The Department also contributes to satisfying general living and other needs of orphans and widows, builds a relationship of trust and communication with various donors and supporters of RCO, and raises funds and directs them to the channels requested by these donors based on the principle of full transparency.

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Some of these Community Partnership Projects:

  • Hospitality Donation Project
    • Idea of the project: It involves adding 500 Fils on the guest's bill upon checking out from the hotel and after obtaining his consent to donate to RCO.
    • Collaborators: Palace Boutique Hotel - Pars International Hotel

  • A Dinar for an Orphan's Smile Project
    • Idea of the project: It is a monthly contribution constantly paid by the staff of any of the collaborating companies (donors). The donated amount will be monthly transferred from the donor employee's account after the donor fills out the "Orphan's Smile" deduction form available at the companyr, stating the amount of donation, one dinar or more. The minimum donation is one dinar. We believe in the importance of participation, even if the donated amount is small, so as to encourage all employees to contribute to the project.
    • Collaborators: Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) - Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill (GARMCO)

  • Charity Art Exhibition Project
    • Idea of the project: Charity Art Exhibition, in partnership with Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF), is a charity exhibition displaying and selling the artwork of students from participating schools. The Exhibition concludes its activities by holding a charity dinner during which an auction is made to sell the winning artworks.
    • Collaborators: A number of Government and private schools and education institutes.

  • Discount Card Project
    • Idea of the project: It is a social charity project which aims to serve RCO's customers (sponsored families). The project uses a "point collection" program for buyers from RCO's families proportionate to their purchases. The collected points are then transferred to cash earned by these families at the end of each year.
    • Collaborators: Military Consumer Establishment

  • Sign up with Sadad Project
    • Idea of the project: RCO collaborated with Sadad Company to place an icon for RCO in Sadad's machines throughout the Kingdom to facilitate donations for all citizens and residents at any time.
    • Collaborators: Sadad Company

  • One Fils Changes Life Project
    • Idea of the project: RCO, in collaboration with CrediMax Company (a credit card centre of the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait), deducts one Fils of every withdrawal transaction made through any of the CrediMax credit cards.
    • Collaborators: CrediMax Company

  • Ongoing Cooperation with Restaurants
    • Idea of the project: It involves the allocation of the proceeds of the restaurant's one-day sale each month to support RCO's programs, or invitation for orphans and widows to have a free meal at the restaurant.
    • Collaborators: Elevation Burger - Nino - Lilou - Johnny Rockets

Donate with Us 
Donors and supporters may direct their contributions to finance the following:
Projects that need funding:
  • Charity Exhibition
  • Spring Camp
  • Summer Activity
Or finance the following:
  • Public donation
  • Orphan Waqf (endowment) project
  • Education care
  • Health care
  • RCO's activities, events or programs